Bundle of Joy

Bundle of Joy

As a first time mother, i did read a lot to do with pregnancy, labor and birth. I’ve always had an overwhelming fear of being pregnant and giving birth. For years, i got tunnel hearing whenever I thought about labor.
4th morning, time went by soooo slowly though. I got my first contraction and started to feel desperate for relief. I asked what pain killers they could give me – epidural… !!I wanted all the drugs. The nurse said, “You are so close!! But i was getting desperate for relief!
In between contractions, i found myself doing something i never thought I would do – i started dozing off. Unconscious at some points. I heard my amma , sis in-law and the doctor talking beside me, but i honestly felt like i was in another world just watching everything happen from afar. I would drift for a minute and be brought back into reality with the next contraction. I was shaking uncontrollably with chills at times. Pushing was physically exhausting, but i was hopeful that it wouldn’t last longer than an hour or so. Plus, it finally felt good to be able to work with the contractions rather than just getting through the pain.
By 2.30 pm i gave one last crazy long push with all my might and our baby boy was born and let out a big cry. What a total high.

I watched as they unwind the cord that has wrapped loosely around his neck. He was tiny, pink, and perfectly calm.

I feel #calm, and #content, and #fascinated by this little guy snuggled up against me. I wonder who he’ll be.
Abraam’s birth was the happiest moment of my life.


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